mindful Tai Chi QiGong practice

Experience inner peace and calm with QiGong!


QiGong (translated as 'energy work) can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice that improves one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing and focused awareness.


In the western world, we normally think of 'energy' as fuel to power our body or heat our home. Throughout history though, cultures around the world have talked about some kind of vital force that flows through all living things to 'animate' them e.g. in India, they call this 'prana' and in ancient Greece they called this 'pneuma'. Qi is the Chinese version of this concept.


The Chinese talk about Qi as being the living force running through the cosmos, the movement of the galaxies, the sun, the moon and the weather, while also defining very specific kinds of Qi like the energy we get from eating food and the energy we get from breathing (the latter two of which we are more familiar with).

Part of the value of Qi as a concept is that it helps us to move from a narrow and restrictive view of the world to a more expansive and connected one.

In QiGong practice, we tune into the presence and movement of living energy or Qi within and around us. We seek to sense where it is flowing freely, where it may be blocked or stuck, where there is too much or too little energy and what the qualities of that energy are and if they suit our current needs. By tuning into this energy, we are then able to make changes to bring it back into a state of better balance and health. 


Some of the benefits of QiGong include increased energy and flexibility, reduced aches and pains, improved posture, breathing and balance, reduced stress and tension, improved sense of emotional wellbeing and reduced anxiety.

Thanks for another super session, Sarah.

QiGong is the best medicine for me - it's a beautiful journey of mind, body and spirit.

A gift from heaven! And continues to work wonders.

Sue, Luton

There is no better way to experience the benefits of QiGong than to try it. Beginners are always recommended to 'sign up' for at least six weeks to both familiarise themselves with the practice and to feel the benefits. 

Online practice is held every Wednesday morning at 11.30am and last one hour. Your first class is free and then there is a basic monthly fee of £25 paid in advance which includes:


  • Online access to all live classes in the month via Zoom.
  • Online access to a recording of each Zoom class for five days, allowing you to conveniently practice from your home whenever suits you best.

1:1 sessions are also available and are ideal for complete beginners or those who wish to focus more on improving their technique.


  • 1:1 sessions (30 minutes) - £10
  • 1:1 sessions (60 minutes) - £20


All 1:1 sessions are currently available only via Zoom until further notice due to government restrictions on meeting indoors.