holistic massage therapy

Holistic massage therapy involves seeing the body as an integrated organism of many parts, each of which must operate accurately if the others are to do their job.


The holistic approach encourages you to accept responsibility for your own conditions and to direct your energies to help with the healing process. The more you are aware of yourself and your own feelings the more successful the treatment will be.

Initial treatments includes a consultation that takes about 30 minutes. Information about health, family history and lifestyle, diet is interpreted into a personal profile and a massage to suit.


At the end of each session, you may receive advice about what you can do inbetween treatments to maintain or improve your body's equilibrium. 


Initial 90 minute treatment (including a 30 minute consultation) cost £40. Ongoing 60 minute treatments cost £30. Discounts are available to clients who are actively following a NuU healing programme.