far and near infrared sauna therapy

Detoxification is the removal of waste or toxins from the body. It is one of the most critical bodily functions. It happens 24 hours a day and we can succumb to illness very quickly if anything goes wrong with this function.


While toxic metals have always been around, as have toxins such as bacteria and viruses, there has been a large increase in the latter half of the 20th century.


During our lives, we are bombarded with an increasing number of toxins and are asking more of our body to manage healthy detoxification.

About Sauna Therapy


Sauna, a Scandinavian word, is an ancient form of heat therapy that is used in many cultures around the world. The word sauna refers to dry heat, although steam may be added in traditional saunas, usually by sprinkling water on hot rock. The basic idea of a sauna is to heat the body several degrees. The body then attempts to reduce its temperature by driving blood to the surface and by sweating. Heating the body, and the body's response to heating cause many beneficial physiological effects.


There are different types of sauna:

  • Traditional hot air saunas dramatically improve circulation and relieve internal congestion. Heating the body helps destroy bacteria and viruses. Sweating promotes the elimination of toxic metals and chemicals, radioactive particles and other toxins. The skin’s ability to eliminate poisons increases. Saunas offer many of the benefits of exercise while requiring much less exertion.


  • Far Infrared Sauna produce energy that penetrates the skin and heats the tissues to about one and a half inches inside. This allows sweating to begin sooner than in hot air saunas that heat only the body surface. This also permits one to sweat at a lower ambient temperature because infrared heats the body, but not the air. Many find this a more comfortable experience and the effects are as intense or more so than those of a traditional sauna. A problem with far infrared emitters and their power supplies is they may emit harmful electromagnetic fields. 


  • Near Infrared Lamp Saunas are heated by reddish, infrared incandescent lamps, a type sold at hardware stores. Benefits of this heat source are due to full-spectrum infrared energy with most of it in the near infrared range and a little in the middle and far infrared range. Effects are also due to colour therapy, more vigorous circulation due to design and other frequencies emitted by incandescent infrared lamps.


Saunas have wide-ranging effects on many body organs and systems. This occurs because the sauna helps remove toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections. The general effect is a normalisation of the functioning of the organs. 

If you are interested in sauna therapy for detoxification, please do your research before diving in. Detoxifying the body should be approached with caution and careful preparation that can last months. The elimination of heavy metals, as well as the removal of toxic chemicals and chronic infections, almost always will cause symptoms from time to time including energy fluctuations, headaches, skin rashes and other symptoms as well, essentially making you feel worse rather than better. 


It is always recommended to undertake a holistic healing programme(s) prior to commencing with detoxification therapy to ensure the body is able to readily clear toxins that are released from storage.