NuU 12-step healthy ageing programme

Think of the NuU 12-step healthy ageing programme as a nutritional reset. It makes you stop and think about what you are eating and drinking, and what you are 'not' eating and drinking; it helps you consider how and why making some 'you' time will help you lead a healthy life. It provides you with easy to understand information about  key values towards leading a healthy life including diet and wellness. Each step involves the 'gradual' addition of something healthy or the 'gradual' removal of something unhealthy, so that at the end of the programme, you feel wholesome and rejuvenated.

Many of the diseases suffered by older people are a result of dietary factors, some of which have been in operation since infancy. Add to this a lifetime of work and periods of stress, illness, parting too hard & lack of sleep and our bodies ability to manage the natural ageing process can easily be weakened leading to an increased susceptibility to illness or disease in our later years.

It is never too late to change and the NuU 12-step healthy ageing programme delivers tools and support to enable you to make changes at a time when calorific needs are decreasing and nutritional needs are increasing.  It Incorporates diet and lifestyle techniques to support typical disease risks associated with ageing like cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, digestive health, weight gain, social isolation, immunity and brain health.

This programme serves as an excellent foundation for anybody who needs to perform deeper healing e.g. 12-week Heal the Gut programme or 12-week Candida Cleanse programme etc.


The programme costs £150 excluding supplements and includes:

  • 1:1 personal consultation to establish your health status and your personal goals
  • 12-step programme plus a personalised time-table
  • eRecipe book to support you throughout the programme
  • 2 progress reviews and a post programme review
  • Pro-active, motivational emails delivered to your inbox during the programme