NuU hair mineral analysis

A hair mineral analysis measures nutritional minerals and heavy metals that are incorporated into the hair shaft during its development. The analysis reflects accumulation of these metals within tissues of the body providing a record of the long-term intake, retention and excretion of various metals. It is a non-invasive and cost effective test.


When interpreted correctly, the results can provide an indication of the inter-relationship among nutrient minerals as well as the effects of vitamins on nutritional minerals and the extent of heavy metal burdens in the body.


There are many factors that can contribute to a mineral imbalance in the body - diet, stress, medications, pollution, nutritional supplements are common examples. Many health conditions can also be contributed to or be aggravated by various mineral imbalances and toxic metal build up.


How does a hair mineral analysis differ from a blood test?

Minerals are maintained in the blood at fairly even levels at all times. Any major changes can affect sensitive organs and glands that the blood is in contact with at all times. A great example is if the blood becomes low in a mineral such as calcium. In this case, Calcium will be removed from the bones or other tissues to replenish the blood. A person can have osteoporosis, or demineralised bones, but their blood (serum) calcium level will be normal.


Hair is an excretory tissue of the body. That is, anything deposited in the hair will be lost as the hair grows and is cut off. So minerals present in excess may be deposited in the hair to be excreted. Minerals that are deficient are often not deposited in the hair, so that they will be retained. This makes the hair an excellent place to measure minerals.


Why might you benefit from a hair analysis? 

If you are suffering from an illness or syndrome and the cause cannot be identified through ordinary testing procedures, or if treatment has not been completely effective, then a hair analysis can be very helpful. 


My preferred approach for this therapy is to get to know the client through the consultation process and depending upon the initial synopsis decide if a hair mineral analysis would provide additional value for both parties during the course of a healing programme.


What does a hair mineral analysis involve?

A sample of your hair is collected and submitted to a laboratory for testing. The average turnaround time is 7-10 working days. Upon receipt of the report, I review the findings and present the results in a patient friendly format as well as tailor any recommended NuU healing programme to meet any additional requirements that the hair mineral analysis reveals.


Re-tests can be performed to track progress during your healing journey.



A stand-alone NuU hair mineral analysis costs £99 and includes:

  • Collection & submission of hair sample to the preferred laboratory
  • Interpretation of the test results
  • Presentation in a patient friendly format along with diet and lifestyle recommendations plus any suggested nutritional supplements

For clients who enrol in a NuU healing programme as a result of a NuU consultation, the above cost is reduced to £69.