NuU 12-week candida cleanse programme

Candida is an opportunistic fungus that thrives in situations which promote its steady and prolific growth such as warm, moist regions of the body. With its cells capacity to reproduce a hundred times a day, Candida becomes an insidious lodger permeating throughout the body - even a subtle Candida imbalance can become a reason for tiredness, bloating, sugar cravings, allergies or skin rashes.


If you have a lifestyle affected by stress, fast food, sugar and carbohydrate rich diets, allergies or nutritional deficiencies, and/or regular use of antibiotics and/or oral contraceptives over the years, Candida can easily take hold and lead to a wide array of symptoms such as abdominal bloating, vaginal thrush, fungal infections, hormonal imbalances, exhaustion etc.


Strict Anti-Candida diets can be difficult to sustain for many reasons. Some examples include the programme being difficult and too restrictive or not continued for long enough, insufficient preparation is taken before embarking on the programme, taking the wrong supplements and/or buying an ‘off the shelf’ formulation in the belief that it will work without any other changes.

A successful Candida cleanse programmes will be personalised and address the unique health status of each person. It should include where-ever possible identification of any underlying cause or mitigating factors for the Candida overgrowth. It might not be possible to remove one or more of these factors e.g. prescription drugs, and in such cases a treatment must be tailored accordingly.


The programme costs £100 excluding supplements and includes:

  • 1:1 consultation to identify the symptoms, probable causes and personal factors to be considered.
  • Introduction to gut health

  • How to prepare

  • 12-week Candida Cleanse programme including prescription of supplements

  • eRecipe book including food lists and meal planner

  • Pro-active, motivational emails delivered to your inbox during the programme

  • 1 progress review and a post programme review