about me


I grew up in a small village in the depths of Somerset. At the time, I did not appreciate this remote location and yearned for better access to towns and cities. Childhood revolved around getting dirty, picking blackberries and mushrooms, making daisy chains or building dens in hedgerows, climbing trees and cycling or walking everywhere. In recent years, I have looked back and become very grateful for this rural start in life.


Like many of us, I never really knew what I wanted to achieve out of life, and after leaving college got sucked into the IT industry more out of luck than judgement. I spent over twenty years building a reasonably successful career, but during the last five years, I spent a lot of time travelling abroad, and this took its toll on my health.


It was a real shock to be informed that I had severe anaemia, low levels of haemoglobin and Vitamin D deficiency. No amount of tests could determine the reason for the anaemia, and I struggled with it for over three years.


I met my husband eight years ago, and had the opportunity to take a career break. During this time, I began to realise that I needed to do something else with my life that would be more interesting and more rewarding. During a period where I was struggling with symptoms linked to peri-menopause, I found enormous relief from dietary changes recommended after having a food intolerance test. This process inspired me to study naturopathic nutrition and after two years of study, I qualified as a naturopathic nutritionist.


Upon embarking on the course, my life opened up to a completely different way of living life, loving yourself and looking after yourself as nature intended. I started to learn that my ailments had evolved from an unhealthy lifestyle involving smoking, poor ratio of refined, processed meals to wholesome, home-made meals, sluggish bowel behaviour since I could remember, unhealthy amounts of caffeine and sugar and excessive stress both in my personal life and at work. The course taught me that if we want to live well and make the most of our lives, we can never stop healing and nurturing ourselves.


I enjoy a lovely life with my husband and our two beautiful border collies. I have a great work/life balance now as well, and enjoy many hobbies including cooking, QiGong, yoga, weight-lifting, skiing & learning more about holistic health. I have found a new vocation in life where I can help look after my family, as well as share my knowledge and experience with others.


If my website inspires you to think about how you can improve your health, and if you are interested in finding out how I might be able to help you, I encourage you to take the next step.